Once More Unto the Breach

Hi, I’m SalarymanDaishi! You may remember me from such sites as this one, and… Ummm… This one. After five years of nothing but incessant whining, I couldn’t help but take a little break. Still, what the heck! Let’s resume like nothing ever happened.

If past is any indication, please look forward to extremely random and annoyingly infrequent rambling of a grumpy old Finn who, against all odds, is still an incorrigible console gaming weeaboo. This shall once again be a site full of both unwarranted criticism and shameless praise of games that everyone else has either enjoyed already or wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole. Maybe once a year or so, you might even bump into a haphazardly construed post about some other form of popular culture. I wouldn’t hold my breath, though.

As per tradition, the season will culminate in the unceremonious nuking of the site. Until then, however, let’s have some fun!