Cash King

Money, money, money!

Now that I’ve cleared off all side projects in one way or another, it’s once again time to fully focus on Yakuza 0. And sheesh, does it get ever better as it goes! While Goro Majima seems to have some serious financial woes, Kazuma Kiryu is already knee-deep in real estate business and living the high life. After scoring a company and a perky secretary of his own, Kiryu finds himself pitted against five local billionaires vying for the real estate dominance of Kamurocho. It’s a battle fought district by district, property by property, and even if it’s just an optional side activity alongside the story, it provides hours of captivating content.

You beat your competition by purchasing all the properties on their turf. Their price range varies from a few million yen to hundreds of millions, but even if the initial investment always stings a little, they then produce steady income every few minutes or so. As an absolutely wonderful idea, the people Kiryu meets and helps in side stories eventually end up working for him. Some excel at managing districts’ finances, others at upholding their security, and the rest can be hired as consultants to improve the properties to generate even more revenue. Your rivals aren’t too happy with a newcomer, of course, so every now and then CEO Kiryu has to teach business etiquette the hard way.

This whole real estate management¬†is probably the best Yakuza idea ever! After you assign your staff to their duties, turn on the business cycle, and wait to cash in, you have just enough time to perhaps complete a side story or have some fun in the nightlife of Kamurocho. It’s ridiculously lucrative, too. Even if I’m still spending most of my money on new properties, it’s still a joy to head back to the office every five minutes or so to collect a few hundred million yen. I was once impressed how even an ordinary street brawl was worth almost half a million. Now, that’s chump change. Thankfully some obscenely rich prick I met on a side alley taught me the way of distracting troublemakers by throwing cold hard cash on the streets. When you’re busy making more money, who cares about a measly hundred grand if it saves you time and effort.

That’s not to say I’ve saved any time, though. In real life, this game has already subtly robbed me of 29 hours and as far as the story goes, I’ve probably covered just about a third. Oh well, no reason to keep count when it’s getting better day by day. Gaming year 2017 sure couldn’t have kicked off better than this!