Manager King

Whoa! As much fun as getting sidetracked in Yakuza 0 is, it’s not something you should do at all. The further the story goes, the more the game opens up its absolutely fantastic side content. It’s once again time to bid Kazuma Kiryu farewell with a juicy cliffhanger. Back in Osaka, Goro Majima is still in trouble but I think his money woes, at least, are about to end. While the traditional, pompous cabaret business still brings in money, the future lies in hostess clubs. Thanks to some awfully convenient coincidences, Majima ends up managing one such club that is also fighting for its very existence against five hardcore rivals. If Kiryu’s real estate business was captivating already, this one takes it to another level!

While you can recruit professional staff in various ways, a hostess army alone won’t your market share improve. Majima has to train his employees to be the absolute best in the business, requiring both personal sparring and focusing on everyone’s strengths, be they conversation, partying, wooing, or just plain finesse. Once you’ve settled with the staff you think are capable of handling a day, it’s time to open the doors and jump into a hectic night of entertainment. As customers pour in, you have to quickly assign the best hostess for each, and ensure they all leave happy and – hopefully – broke. As the night goes on, problems and requests arise, all of which a skilled manager handles with style and perception.

Even if I’ve only experienced a single night of this chaos, I’m already totally hooked. Yakuza 0 hides within a full-blown management simulation of such caliber that it’s probably going to be even more of a timesink than all that wonderful real estate hassle of yesterday. No two questions about it; this is a bloody brilliant ride!