Let’s Try That One Part Again, Boys!

Me on the left: smile, sweat, and act like you understand

Bugger me! Taiko no Tatsujin: Dokodon! Mystery Adventure ended up being a surprisingly full-bodied JRPG. Whereas the previous (handheld) games in the series haven’t had a story mode at all, or it has been nothing more than a brief distraction lasting just a few hours, the story of this one took closer to 12 hours to complete. It probably would’ve taken even longer if I could understand what its characters were continuously blabbing about. Thankfully the language barrier never got hopelessly high. The dungeons were short and straightforward, and even if the story occasionally came to a standstill, wandering around towns and conversing with the residents usually kicked it back in motion.

The biggest hurdles were the countless, delightfully challenging boss fights, in which each of the baddies did their very best to hamper an otherwise rhythmical performance with plenty of FU-scale dirty tricks such as obstructing the note line, switching note colors at the last possible moment, flinging notes to the hit window in chaotic arcs, and scattering loads of damaging bombs among them. Despite all this, Don and Katsu have an ace up their sleeve, too. Each note successfully hit s-l-o-w-l-y raises a Taiko power meter which, once full, can be activated by tapping the 3DS’ touch screen. That’s when, for a woefully brief moment, the game takes over the song being played and hits every note perfectly. Even if I had trouble following the torrent of notes flowing in, at least I still got an aural clue of what kind of rhythm was required. I rarely ever beat a boss on my first try but the countless retries never felt cheap. Listen, learn, remember, try again. Harsh but fair.

I guess I could already toss this one to the pile of finished games but since it’s all about the music, I’ll instead head off to experience its complete song list. I doubt all of them even played during the adventure mode, and it’s all about principle and self-respect to complete everything on at least normal difficulty. In the meantime, the game already gets a cautious thumbs up. Even if Miku and her gang have already conquered the 3DS rhythm game genre with the Project Mirai games, the Taiko series is still a commendable alternative and of those, Dokodon! Mystery Adventure is definitely the most ambitious so far.