Let Speed Gaming Commence!

If effective time management is challenging in Persona 5, it’s not particularly easy for a man on vacation either. As much as I now possess valuable time to prune my backlog, some of it has to be spent admiring the gaming of others. In less than two hours, Games Done Quick will kick off its annual summer gaming potpourri, siccing dozens of skilled enthusiasts to play through dozens of games as quickly as humanly possible for charity. The event, broadcast live, will go on around the clock for the entire next week, and judging by its schedule, it once again features a most pleasant selection of classics and obscurities both new and retro. Even if my patience (let alone skills) would never be enough to analyze individual games thoroughly enough to be able to beat them with minute precision, I still bow deeply to all participants; impressive dedication and the best kind of summery entertainment a gamer can hope for!