The Eternal Oatmeal

Others still have energy, Miki Hoshii does not. Running out myself.

The streaming experiment of this weekend is done. It didn’t take long before I realized that it’s really unpleasant to sit with headphones on all the time, that it’s quite irritating to try and find a good balance between game audio and your own voice, and especially that it’s incredibly awkward to do small talk. I also remembered that whenever I want to see gameplay, I explicitly try to find a source without commentary. Thus, it was no wonder that my headset soon ended up on the shelf of the TV stand where it shall lie forevermore, waiting for better times. I’ll still stream, though, given how easy it is to switch broadcasting on, and the console is still kind enough to notify should anyone have something to say in the chat. Still, social interactivity is definitely something for talented extroverts only.

Then again, this weekend hasn’t been anything more than another utterly unsurprising The Idolm@ster: Platinum Stars grindfest. Key moments have been few and far in between, and even classifying them as such takes a pretty nihilistic temper:

  • 103 hours: Producer-san levels up to 18. Such is life.
  • 114 hours: Producer-san levels up to 19. Yup, that really was another 11 hours spent without anything worthwhile happening. Not that this milestone wouldn’t have been anything else than a number, either.
  • 119 hours: All idols now have five million fans. Midway point reached. I’ve already decided that the finishing line to platinum stardom will be crossed in unison. This whole journey has already turned into such a joke that it isn’t worthy of a “I platinized one star and quit” punchline.
  • 127 hours: Producer-san levels up to 20. That’s the maximum, so I got a gold trophy out of it. Not bad, given that it has been 36 hours since the last one. I’m kinda wistful, though, as this means there probably won’t be anything happening even at ten hour intervals now.
  • 130 hours: My whole idol front has reached six million fans. Based on quick math, I might actually start dreaming of platinum stars in 40-50 hours. Don’t give up, go go go! I will actually push on, as this has long since turned into a story mode that is just too rueful to drop out of.

As the most observant readers might have noticed already, the 14 costumes locked since the last status update still remain locked. In fact, it has now been 49 hours since the last new costume. I’m already quite certain that the remaining ones won’t start unlocking with reasonable odds until someone goes platinum. Or something. If that’s not the case and I truly am this unlucky, it would probably take thousands of hours to get them all. While I’m not that self-destructive, I’m still stubborn enough to keep this tragicomedy rolling all September, if that’s what it takes. All hope has been lost, so anything goes.