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A couple of days ago, while working my way through that day’s online challenge course in Everybody’s Golf, I wondered why merely logging in took a little while and why one of its holes was so full of people that the game actually began to lag. It didn’t take long to figure out that it was one of those rare few holes where players can score albatrosses and condors (read: three or four hits under par). Back then, that pack of lemmings only seemed silly and kind of sad, but since then I’ve come to understand why they were there in the first place.

After 26 hours of playing, I hadn’t managed even a simplistic sounding hole-in-one even once. Every course has its couple of par threes where one should’ve happened even by Mad Luckā„¢ if nothing else, but to no avail. Slightly miffed by this, I first checked if the single player mode would allow you to practice a single hole. Nope. The only way to do that is to head online where every attempt is followed by having to run (or drive) back to the teeing ground for another go.

As a scrub casual golfer, I chose to challenge one of the easiest par threes in the game, solemnly swearing to score at least one hole-in-one, whatever it would take. Sure enough, after an hour and dozens of weary retries, it finally happened. What should’ve been a warm and fuzzy feeling didn’t really feel like one at all, given that this loveliest of swings was pretty much the same as the hundreds preceding it. If anything, it felt like everything just clicked together by sheer luck.

I’ve also figured out the timing of the game’s closing credits. On rank seven, it’s no longer about playing than it is about challenging previously beaten VS adversaries looking for revenge. Sadly, they’re served on a schedule of one per day, if even that, so making progress is now more about waiting for time to pass rather than wanting to play. I guess I’ll give this a few more days but once again, it seems like graceful closing curtains are but a pipe dream.

Edit: Win or lose, one chance per day. I think I’m done now.